Scenario rules:
Never offer more information than is required.
Practice your call script to get what you’re going to say come out naturally.
Be prepared for any response from your target.

Scenario #1
The Cheating Husband and the Flower Delivery

(of course this is just a possible suggestion)
Set Call Display to “Local Flower Delivery”
C=Caller (you)
T: Hello?
C: Hi. This is Local Flowers Fast. We are calling to confirm delivery of a flower order to (supposed mistress’s name).
T: Who?
C: We have delivered an order of roses to (supposed mistress’s name) ordered by (the cheating husband’s name) and just need to confirm that delivery has been made as requested. Can you confirm this for me?
T: I don’t know who that is (or some other reply).
C: Ma’am you don’t know who (supposed mistress’s name) is?
T: No, no I don’t think so.
C: Is this (the cheating husband’s name) work phone number?
T: No, no it isn’t.
Oh, I am sorry. Please excuse me, I was to confirm delivery at his work address. I am very sorry for disturbing you.
The rest can be ad-libbed, I think. Or just hang up, the evil seed of jealousy has been planted, mission accomplished

Scenario #2
The Bad Businessman and the Tax Audit

(of course this is just a possible suggestion)
Set Call Display to “Audit Department”
C=Caller (you)
T: Hello?
C: Hi, this is (someone at some tax audit office). We are calling about the last filing deadline that was missed.
T: What?
C: The last filing was missed so we are going to be conducting an audit. This call is to let you know that we will be coming on (some date) to begin our audit. Further we need to have your records available, at your location, for the past 5 business years.
T: I don’t understand (or some other lame excuse).
C: I think I’ve been quite clear. Is there a problem with an audit? We have federal rules concerning this you know. If you don’t comply there can be fines, seizures and jail time.
Ad-lib from here or complete the scenario with your own pre-crafted script.

Scenario #3
The Windfall

(of course this is just a possible suggestion)
Set Call Display to “Rogers, Franks and Scotsby LLC”
C=Caller (you)
T: Hello?
C: Hi. Is this (target’s name)?
T: Yes, may I ask who’s calling?
C: This is Ralph Meyer (or some name)I am a partner with Rogers, Franks and Scotsby Legal firm.
T: What is this about?
C: According to our records you are the grand nephew (niece) of (some related person’s name) and the only benefactor of (the name again) Last Will and Testament.
T: I am? I don’t know who that is.
C: If I have this right this is your mother’s cousin’s second uncle. At any rate, you have a substantial estate coming your way. We need you to be at (some place, nearby or distant) on (some date not too far into the future) for the final reading of the will and to receive the keys to (some big house/property) and title and deeds to (some cars, lands, boats, horses, whatever, you get the idea).
T: Really?
C: Yes. I’ll give you the time and date again so you can write it down. Do you have a pen?
You can ad-lib or complete this script yourself. You see where it’s going.

Scenario #4
The Bad Neighbor That May Be A Threat To Your Health

Using www.RevengeCall.com to phone him (hiding your ID and changing the caller display) you can call him as an investigator from where-ever and ask him troubling questions unrelated to your dealings.
Think of calling as this bad neighbor as:
– Someone looking for drugs
– Someone accusing him of stealing neighborhood pets
– A pushy person from his church/group inviting themselves over for coffee (and not showing up, of course)
– A relentless telemarketer, calling at odd times of the day and night
– Just plain weird wrong numbers
Scenario #5
The Ex-Boyfriend That Won’t Go Away
The best way to handle an ex-boyfriend is to keep him busy with other girls. His attention will be turned away from you and you’ll be free to live your life again.
Using www.RevengeCall.com do the following:
Call him up, with your voice changed, of course, and set the call display to private, and say to him:
“Hi, my name is XXX and I was told by a friend that you’re an interesting guy… meet me at XXX later today (tomorrow), we can have coffee and talk a while. I will be wearing XXX and I am described as (hair, eyes, build).”
Keeping him busy chasing ghosts will get him off your story for a while. Distraction is as good as anything to let you live your life again.

Scenario #6
The Car Accident And The Person Won’t Pay

The worse thing you can do in a car accident is to not call the police and get a police report written up. Your insurance company will want this and when you don’t have it… well, you’re on your own making the payments and the other guy, within a few days after the accident, has changed his tune about paying for the damage.
This is where www.RevengeCall.com comes in handy.
With the record feature you can call up the guy that caused the accident and get him to take blame for it and have a nice recorded copy to give to the police, the insurance company, and finally maybe the judge in the small claims court you end up in to get the damages to your car paid.

Scenario #7
Alternate Phone (Hacking Your Own) Voicemail

One of the great uses for RevengeCall.com spoofing service is that you can get access to your own voicemail from any phone easily. Just set the caller ID feature to display the same number as the voicemail you need access to and once you can enter the password you will have access to the voicemail account. From there you can listen to your messages, delete them and even change your voicemail message just as if you were calling from your own phone.
This should not be used to access an account other than you have permission to access.